msc - bravo


My first solo-album called "bravo" was released in May 2010 at the netlabel tonAtom. It sums up tracks, I’ve done besides my work with the band ne:o like remixes for artists (Keyboard Rebel, Entertainment For the Braindead, Milesmilessmile) and also compositions of my own.


From 2004 to 2009 I played around with the guys from ne:o mostly and we released three nice records together. But along the way I did music just for others and me, too. And these works now appear on my first solo-album.


I did most of these songs, especially the remixes, in the last 3 years. The idea to put them on an album came six month ago. I thought it would be nice to bring all these songs together, because somehow they are similar relating to sound and to the way they are created.


mondeo is my newest remix and I was very busy with it last winter. I made it for the fantastic Keyboard Rebel from Manchester who were on a little tour through Germany together with ne:o in November 2009.


morning crisis is the oldest song in this collection. I mixed it in 2008 for my friends from Milesmilesmile [Dresden] who had their 10th anniversary that year.


bells & lids was previously released in 2009. It came out on a compilation with conceptual backround at A bunch of musicians were told to produce songs exclusively from a special sample pool, without altering the samples beyond recognition using effects. [tonAtom.103]


stacy is a homage to our first computer we [ne:o] used to make music. Atari's stacy laptop. The song of the same name was built with this machine. Over a long period of time only one session-tape-recording of this track existed, which then I used as a foundation to rebuild the song.


riot is my first protest song.


supergroove is a so-called session-song, created in only 5 weeks. Via internet I asked people to participate in a virtual jam-session, to play to a basic loop and to send me ideas. Actually i hoped to have many more participants than 2, but in the end i am perfectly happy having Mike Bray [Keyboard Rebel] singing and playing the piano and having the mysterious Mari Aura singing her lovely o-e-o on this track.


I made fences in December 2008. It was a contribution to aaahh-records remix-request for Entertainment For the Braindead [cologne].


ichabs reprise is an interpretation of the ne:o-song ichabs.


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The songs "supergroove", "fences" and "mondeo" are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


Creative Commons License
The songs "morning crisis", "bells & lids", "stacy", "riot" and "ichabs reprise" are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.