Misc Works

The Pelican Sound - Televiseon


A few month ago The Pelican Sound from Glasgow asked me to help them with their new EP and I did the mastering for it. In addition to this, they wanted me to play some organ on one of the tracks and to mix it, which I loved to do as well. The EP is called "Year Of The Rat" and is out since last week. "Televiseon" is the track, where I play the organ and "Metamorph" is my favourite song of the EP. If you like garage rock-like music, please check this all out! It definitely rocks! Find it on Bandcamp as well as on your streaming platform.

Blarg - vibe-G (It's never hate, it's all love Remix)


This autumn I had the pleasure to do a remix for the great Cologne duo Blarg. Thanks a lot for your confidence! Also featured on this track is Charlie J from South Wales, who chipped in with some nice rap/vocals.



Together with David Friedemann and Friederike Pilz and under the project name NAD LABEM, I worked on the album "IN RUHE AUSRASTEN" in 2021/22. I recovered old recordings from 2010-2012 of songs, David wrote completely on his own and in secret at that time. We finally accomplished the songs by adding some new recordings (Friederike's voice) and by producing and mixing them.

The music plays with the vocabulary of Indietronica and Electropop. But this is just the starting point for a sound that seems to get along without references. Definitely remarkable are David's poetic german lyrics, which can be described as refreshingly peculiar.

PITCHTUNER - I'm Voting With My Wallet (MSC - Use Your Voice Remix)


A few weeks ago the band Pitchtuner (Berlin, Germany) asked me to do a remix for their latest single called "Voting With My Wallet". I was very excited about this request and loved the idea to make my interpretation of the song. So, I'd like to thank the band for the offer and their confidence!
And here it is: The track is called "Use Your Voice Remix". I heard some rhythm and blues elements in the original and wanted to follow this path, adding some Stevie Wonder superstition vibes, noise and many other klimbim. It became a 3:45 minutes roller coaster ride in the end. So, fasten seatbelts! ;o)

Dave Schoepke - Drowning In Snow [EP]


I mastered Dave Schoepke's (Milwaukee/Wisconsin, USA) third solo album and was kindly asked to put my hands on two of the tracks. I really got inspired by his drumming, added sounds and interpreted the original composition of "Drowning In Snow" and "Stunted".

Pirol - Winter


I mixed and mastered the song "Winter" by Pirol [Berlin, Germany).

Blarg - Freak Me Out


I produced the song "Freak Me Out" by Blarg (Cologne, Germany).

Blarg - Run My Mouth


I produced the song "Run My Mouth" by Blarg (Cologne, Germany).

TJG.-Bilderbogen | Frühlingsommerherbstundwinter


Photo: TJG
Photo: TJG

In summer of 2019 I worked for theater junge generation, a theater for kids and teenagers. I contributed the music to the play "tjg.Bilderbogen - Frühlingsommerherbstundwinter", which was a combination of remixing and recomposing parts of Vivaldi's "Four Seasons".

Blarg - Will You Love Me Again


I produced the song "Will You Love Me Again"  by Blarg (Cologne, Germany).

Ambientcloud - Vapor


I mixed and mastered the album "Vapor" by Ambientcloud (New York, USA).



I produced, mixed and mastered the first album of Llankú (Dresden, Germany).

menkenkes - anfang august ende september


I produced, mixed and mastered the album "anfang august ende september" by menkenkes (Dresden, Germany).