I offer digital mastering


- mastering for CD production

- mastering optimized for the streaming services like Spotify etc.


I offer digital mastering with the option of analogue summing (stem mastering). I am a friend of natural sounding and lively masterings, competitive in view of loudness, but still with a pleasant and musical dynamic. Dealing with the streaming services I take  account of their normalization method and orient my masterings to that to get the best out of it.

Therefore I transfer the audible dynamics, which has been carved out during the mixing before, to this final process step as good as possible. Dynamics make the music exciting, overcompression to achieve maximal loudness fatigues the ears in the long run.

I take time, work carefully and always with an individual approach depending on the source. By request I give mixing advices ex ante to proof, that your music is definitely ready for mastering.


Individual work. I do not use presets. By request analogue summing of subgroups with stem-mastering.


Regard of adequate headroom to guarantee error free conversion to lossy audio formats like mp3 or streams. (A final headroom of 0.3db is enough for the conversion to 16bit/44100hz (CD-quality), but not for creating lossy files. With this conversion inevitably again new peaks occur, which can hit 0db and can cause audible errors in the audio material.)

Prices per song

- stereo mastering (based on a stereo mix):


- stem mastering (based on sub groups of a mix):


- stem mastering plus analogue summing:


- Master-CD / DDP-Master:



Monitors: Event 20/20 bas
AD/DA Converter: RME Fireface
Analogue Summing: SPL Mixdream XP

Software (i.a.)

DAW: Ableton Live 11 Suite 64bit
Restauration/Samplerate Converter: Izotope RX8 Standard
Compressors: SPL Iron, Elysia Alpha, Klanghelm DC8C3, Kazrog True Dynamics
EQs: Mäag EQ4, Lindell TE-100, Millennia NSEQ-2,
Brainworx 2098, SPL Passeq
Limiters/Clippers: Fircomp 2, SIR Standard CLIP, Kazrog KClip 3

Stereo Processing: Matthew Lane DrMS

Recent works

Alternative Ohrwurm:

Psychodelic Rock:

Electro, Ambient, IDM (250k streams on Spotify):



Indie Pop:

For any questions or for concrete requests just contact me.