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MSC - Four Reasons [EP]


There are at least 4 reasons to be what? Any ideas?
Maybe to be peaceful, kind, open-minded etc.
Enjoy 15 minutes of my naive thoughts for a better world.

Originally I did the edits/remixes of some of Vivaldi's famous hits from the "Four Seasons" in the summer of 2019 in collaboration with theater der jungen generation (Dresden) and especially with Grit Dora von Zeschau. She was artistic director of the short play tjg.-Bilderbogen Frühlingsommerherbstundwinter for which the music was intended.
It's important to note that the intention of this album has nothing to to with the content of the play.

MSC - Gee


A song about the beauty of broken things ...
I wrote a song about my old and super heavy Farfisa organ "Jacqueline de Luxe". I love it! I once got it as a gift from a guy called "Der Rabe", known as a member of the early Phillip Boa and the Voodooclub. (Still happy, that our ways crossed back in 1996. Not just because of the organ ...)
But as maybe every Farfisa organ out there it needs a fix. Or actually better not? Find it out for yourself ...


msc - Song For Three


This piece of music comes and goes like a breeze. Like an emotion, a sad feeling, a memory. It's there, but just for a little moment. It's like the one tear you cry once in a while ...

msc - stacy (Remastered)


"Stacy" is a ten minute long track, I had released ten years ago on my first solo album "bravo". I played all instruments by myself, guitars, toms, harp, keys etc. I even sung a little background "aaahh".  This is the remastered version of maybe one of the strangest songs I've made so far named after a very heavy laptop!


The song is a homage to the first computer I used to make music with: Atari's Stacy. The track was built/sequenced with this machine. Over a long period of time only one session-tape-recording of this track existed, which then I used as a starting point to rebuild the song in early 2010.

msc - krak


This song is about the young pale boy who cracked the krakatuk. "Krak!"

msc - cannone


This is “cannone”! It’s all about mars attacks, the whole war-of-the-worlds difficulty and the problems, which come up with it.

msc - dienstag


“dienstag” is an ohrwurm-acoustic guitar theme, which vanishes into a dub space with far away guitars, before it’s fetched back by rich and wide synths to celebrate an opulent end.

msc - memori


This is some easy listening: “memori”, a 3:15 minutes instrumental noise folk roller coaster.

The Cream Canteens - Moderate Peril


In 2012 Mike Parker-Bray from Keyboard Rebel (UK) and I decided to work together on a few ideas. We send each other musical fragments, first sketches for songs etc. and like ping pong we created these three songs. The project can be compared with the work for good vine. At times the music just lay untouched, due to the fact, that we were busy with too much other things. But finally we brought it to a close. During a few weeks in 2015 I finished the mixing of the material and also did the mastering.


And now the bottle is open! Take a glass and enjoy ‘Moderate Peril’ by The Cream Canteens, released as a free download at djummi-records on July the 29th, 2016.

Shortcuts - Thanks, I Feel Fine


From 2010 to 2013 I played guitar for the Dresden based band Shortcuts. Together with Andreas Schulze, who is the founder and head of the project, I recorded and mixed our debut-album called "Thanks I Feel Fine" in the time from summer 2010 to Dezember 2011. I did the mastering as well.


The album was not just released as a free download at djummi-records, in addition we offer a physical version in form of a 10-inch record containing the songs "Flying Jive, Stuhlstück", "Holy Sand" and "Ulrich, die Made" plus the complete album on CD-R.

ne:o - Direkt


In December 2009 my band ne:o played its last concert, which took place at the Thalia Cinema in Dresden. Fortunately the people of seven-inch recorded it, so that we were able to create a live-album with the material, which then I produced and mastered. Finally the album came out in May 2011 as a joined-release by our beloved netlabels aaahh-records and tonAtom.

msc - Schrott, Mann!


“Schrott, Mann!” is the title of my contribution to Fabian Russ’ album Schrottmann Remixed, released at netlabel tonAtom in March 2011. Among many other artists I have interpreted Russ’ soundtrack-composition, a mixture of piano arrangements combined with little orchestration and field recordings.


Fabian Russ is a Leipzig based composer, who blurs the lines between orchestral and electronic music.

msc - bravo


My first solo-album called "bravo" was released in May 2010 at the netlabel tonAtom. It sums up tracks I’ve done besides my work with the band ne:o during the last 3-4 years like remixes for artists (Keyboard Rebel, Entertainment For the Braindead, Milesmilessmile) and also compositions of my own.


Creative Commons License
The songs "supergroove", "fences" and "mondeo" are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


Creative Commons License
The songs "morning crisis", "bells & lids", "stacy", "riot" and "ichabs reprise" are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

ne:o - illoj


After three years of work, ne:o released its third album called "illoj" in March 2009 on the netlabel


ne:o - Musikkritik


In 2005 ne:o prepaired its first longplayer. The album called "musikkritik" was released on the netlabel tonAtom in the end of that year.

ne:o - ne:omuzic


One year after its foundation ne:o finished a 4-track ep called "ne:omuzic" in 2004. It was released at the netlabel tonAtom the same year.