TCC Now on Streaming and CD

The EP "The Cream Canteens - Moderate Peril" (djummi.005) is not just available on the streaming services now, there's also a limited CD edition of 200 copies. For it I have remastered the songs. If you like to get one, feel free to contact me or visit the bandcamp site of TCC:


Collaboration With Pelican Sound

A few month ago The Pelican Sound from Glasgow asked me to help them with their new EP and I did the mastering for it. In addition to this, they wanted me to play some organ on one of the tracks and to mix it, which I loved to do as well. The EP is called "Year Of The Rat" and is out since last week. "Televiseon" is the track, where I play the organ and "Metamorph" is my favourite song of the EP. If you like garage rock-like music, please check this all out! It definitely rocks! Find it on Bandcamp as well as on your streaming platform.



Together with David Friedemann and Friederike Pilz I am part of NAD LABEM and we made a wonderful album ...


MSC - Four Reasons

OUT NOW:  Four Reasons!

Just a few naive thoughts for a better world ...


MSC - Gee


A song about the beauty of broken things ...


Playlist: Alternative Ohrwurms!

I created a playlist on Spotify with a selection of songs I have produced. You'll find some of my own tracks, but also works I did for other artists.


PITCHTUNER - I'm Voting With My Wallet (Marco Sebastian Christ - Use Your Voice Remix)

The band Pitchtuner asked me to do a remix for their latest single called "Voting With My Wallet". I was very excited about this request. Guess, what I did ... ;o)


Dave Schoepke - Drowning In Snow

Here comes my latest work: This summer I collaborated with drummer Dave Schoepke and worked with him on his third solo album. Besides of the mastering I did, he thought it would be a good idea to let me put my hands on two of the tracks. Brave Dave ... ;o)


msc - Song For Three

"song for three" is out! This piece of music comes and goes like a breeze. Like an emotion, a sad feeling, a memory. It's there, but just for a little moment. It's like the one tear you cry once in a while ...


Pirol - Winter

In the first half of this year I helped the Band Pirol (Berlin, Germany) with their first single called "Winter" and did the mixing and mastering for it. In addition, the band made a great video for this song with fantastic pictures of the place, where most of the recordings were done. Come on: Take a look!


new website

When you cannot read the texts on your own website anymore, then it's either time for glasses or for an update of the design. I decided on the second for a start. Let's see how long 18px font size will work ...


msc - Stacy

This is just a short message to let you know, that I have released a new track. Oh, actually it isn't new. To be correct, it's a remastered version of a song, that already came out in 2010 ...


msc - krak

Pssst, don't tell anybody! I've just released a new song. It's about the young pale boy, who cracked the krakatuk ...